Basil, Dolce Fresca
BASILDOLCEFRESCA This variety of basil was chosen as a 2015 All-America Vegetable selection for combining a super-compact plant habit with intense scent and flavor. It recovers its great shape quickly after harvest keeping it looking great in ornamental containers as well as those used strictly for culinary use. Dolce Fresca grows well in beds and herb gardens as well. Keep it evenly watered and pinched. It is slow to flower for an extended harvest time. You will love Basil Dolce Fresca!
Cilantro, Calypso
Calypso is a new variety of cilantro that is the slowest to bolt (go to seed) of any variety. This means you can continue to harvest for a longer period of time. The fragrant, citrusy leaves are a must for Mexican salsas, sauces and dishes. The prolific leaf production of this variety makes it a great addition to any herb garden or planter. It grows 12 to 18 inches tall and is easy to care for with regular watering and light fertilizing.
Mint, Mojito
MINTMOJITO Mint Mojito is a Cuban cultivar named for the popular drink. The leaves may be used fresh or dried in a host of dishes and drinks. It grows 18 to 24 inches and is hardy to Zone 6.
Thymus x citridorus ‘Aureus’, Golden Lemon Thyme
clip_image001_009 This 12 inch variety of Thyme has green leaves dappled with gold, making it a beautiful addition to any herb or rock garden. It is at its showiest in late winter and spring. The superb lemony fragrance and robust thyme flavor make it great for culinary uses with fish, chicken and marinated, grilled vegetables.