Cantaloupe,  Ambrosia
We’ve listed Ambrosia as one of our favorites in the past and love its super sweet flavor so much that we had to list it again. The 5 pound fruits have thick, juicy, firm, salmon-colored flesh and are produced on downy mildew tolerant vigorous vines. 86 days.
Cucumber, All-Season Burpless
For the best flavor in a cucumber try All-season Burpless! The 8 ½” by 1 ½” fruit are 10 days earlier than most other varieties and are non-bitter with a small seed cavity. Usually seedless when not pollinated, they may produce a few under-developed seeds if pollinated. The plants are highly resistant to most diseases, which results in high productivity all season as the name indicates. 50 Days.
Lettuce, Bistro Salad Blend
Bistro Salad Blend is a mix of several loose-leaf and Batavian varieties of lettuce with differing leaf shapes and colors ranging from bright chartreuse green to dark reddish purple. The sweet flavors and thick leaves make a beautiful and tasty salad. They can be used as baby leaves in 25 to 30 days or at full maturity in 50 to 55 days. Plant in early spring in at least 6 hours of sun. Lettuce is a cool season crop, which does better in early spring or late summer to fall. Bistro mix can be planted in garden beds, but is also fun to grow early in a container before the garden soil can be worked for planting.
Pepper, Serrano
Serrano chili peppers produce abundant amounts of ½” by 3” green fruit which ripens to red. They are somewhat hotter than jalapenos with fruity flavor that easily warms up sauces, salsas, pickles and hot pepper vinegar. The plants grow 1.5 to 2 feet tall in our area with fruit ripening in 85 days.
Tomato, Genuwine, Hybrid Heirloom
Genuwine is one of the “Heirloom Marriage” varieties of tomato which is a cross between the favorite Brandywine and the Italian heirloom Costoluto Genovese. The result is huge, flavorful, bright red, smooth fruit produced two weeks earlier than either parent.  The 12 to 14 ounce fruit are delicious sliced and eaten fresh. The plants are indeterminate with a 72 day maturity.
Tomato, Red Robin, cherry
This variety of cherry tomato is perfect for growing in containers, hanging baskets and small gardens! Even though the plants grow only 8 to 12 inches tall they produce loads of 1 ¼” deep red, extra sweet fruits.  We grow and sell a lot of these plants already bearing fruit in a 6-inch pot. They are determinate with 55 days to maturity.
Tomato, Mountain Merit
Mountain Merit is our pick this year for those wanting excellent disease resistance. It is an AAS Winner for being “a nice all-around tomato, perfect for slicing and sandwiches” with the added benefit of high resistance to tomato spotted wilt virus and late blight and intermediate resistance to early blight. Flavorful deep red 10 to 12 oz. crack resistant fruit are produced on determinate plants. VFFFNTswvEbLb. 75 days.
Tomato, Sun Sugar
Sun Sugar is back on our list of favorite vegetables!  This indeterminate cherry variety produces abundant candy-sweet orange cherry tomatoes with high levels of sugar and vitamin A. The 1 to 2 inch fruit is thin-skinned and crack-resistant with flavor that can’t be beat! 62 days.