Cottage Gardens offers a wide range of diversified professional services.

Stop in to pick one up or call and have it mailed to your friend or relative.  Any amount available.

Cottage Gardens Is Now Certified By Proven Winners® iGarden Garden Center Training Program

Cottage Gardens is a Proven Winners® Certified Garden Center every year since 2005. Through the iGarden program, the owners and employees are provided with plant selling tips, customer service tools and merchandising techniques to help them better serve consumers in helping them select and grow the right Proven Winners plant varieties for their individual gardening needs.

Custom planting of containers.  We have containers avaliable in a wide range of sizes and designs, you are welcome to bring in your own containers for replanting.  We are also able to plant larger containers or small flower beds at your locations.

  • Garden project design (contact us for details)
  • Incorporation of soil amendments into small-sized beds or restricted areas difficult to work with a regular-sized garden tiller.
  • Consultation and recommendation of appropriate plant varieties for your location to help assure the success and enjoyment of your purchase.
  • We stock fertilizers and pest control items to keep your plants healthy.
  • Our staff welcomes your questions and will do our best to obtain the most accurate information.
  • We provide customer assistance to show you the proper way to plant and care for your purchase.